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Awaken the warrior within.

Shepherds Not Sheep Retreat and Reestablishment Community for Veterans is dedicated to transforming the lives of homeless and distressed veterans by providing a secure, supportive, and wholesome community where they can find shelter and engage in comprehensive education, entrepreneurship, and training programs. Our mission is to offer a stable foundation for rebuilding lives, focusing on personal growth, healing, and the acquisition of skills. Through collaboration and tailored support, we aim to assist our veterans in navigating their challenges, maximizing their VA benefits, and empowering them to build a brighter, self-sufficient future among peers and professionals committed to their success.

Stoke righteousness, inspire and motivate an army of warriors for truth, justice, and peace in the face of greed, corruption, and evil.

Through community and mutual support we will build strong leaders, who together will go forth and help right the ship by motivating and effecting change within their sphere of influence

Knowledge is Power


Our vision at Shepherds Not Sheep Retreat and Reestablishment Community for homeless and distressed Veterans is to create a world where every homeless veteran has access to a supportive community, the opportunity for self-improvement, and access to the resources needed to thrive. We envision a future where these heroes are no longer defined by their past struggles but are celebrated for their resilience and contributions to society. Through our comprehensive approach to housing, education, and personal development, we aspire to be a beacon of hope and a catalyst for positive change, ensuring that no veteran is left behind on the path to stability, independence, and a fulfilling life.

Education, Health, Virtue, Charity, Freedom  

Together we win

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